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Alfajores (pronounced al-fa-hor-es) are a delicious sweet treat consisting of two biscuits with a sweet filling inside. They originated from the Moors in Spain with the Spanish then bringing them to Latin America where they are now widely found.


 There are many variations of alfajores but I think you will like my Peruvian style delicately soft biscuits filled with homemade dulce de leche (caramel).

Try it you won't be disappointed!

I believe in the value of homemade, crafted, quality baked goods. Not only do they warm the home, but my products will definitely warm the heart. 

I value fresh ingredients made into traditional recipes that taste amazing. I like to keep it simple with the emphasis on taste and quality.

Come and check my products and see what I can prepare for you..

"Food shared is happiness multiplied"

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